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Funny Arab JokesWhat do Israeli soldiers do when they get bored? They go over to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and get stoned!

“Yasser Arafat is now dead. Damn, just when the peace process was going so well.” ?David Letterman

A Palestinian gentleman was taking a walk on the West Bank when he was brutally beaten by a gang of young Israeli thugs. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, he bought a huge German Shepherd trained to kill on command and went out to seek revenge.
It didn’t take him long to see the perfect victim: a little old Jewish man walking a little dog that resembled a dachshund.
The Palestinian let go of his ferocious dog, but to his astonishment he saw the little dog pin his dog down to the ground and swallow it full, all in thirty seconds.
“What kind of dog is that?” asked the Palestinian.
“Well, before we had his nose fixed he used to be an alligator!” said the old man.

“Positive news from President Bush: Both sides of the Middle East are signing off on his road map to peace. The bad news is the Israelis think the road goes through the West Bank, Palestinians think it goes right through downtown Jerusalem.” ?Jay Leno

“Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has cancelled his visit to the United States to meet with President Bush. You see that’s when you know that the situation in the Middle East is bad, when the Israelis are worried that being seen with us will hurt their situation with the Arabs.” ?Jay Leno