Here’s some racist black jokes for the nigger haters, white supremacists and KKK wannabes. You know who you are, just look in the mirror, it’s the dumb look that gives it away.

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Racist Black Jokes

Black Girl Jokes

Racist Black Joke 1
You’re so black at night school the teacher counted you absent.

Racist Black Joke 2
I’ve never seen a black man on the Jetsons, future looks good don’t it.

Racist Black Joke 3
Never hit a black man on a bike, it’s probably your bike.

Racist Black Joke 4
A black guy walks into a bar with a beautiful parrot on his shoulder.
“Wow,” says the bartender “That is really something, where did you get it?”
“Africa,” says the parrot.

Racist Black Joke 5
Black women where high heels so their knuckles don’t drag on the floor.

Funny Black Racist Jokes

Funny Black Racist Joke 1
Stevie Wonder was happy all the time because he didn’t know he’s black.

Funny Black Racist Joke 2
It is hard being black, we get a raw deal with every sport.
Pool you have a white ball trying to knock you in a hole.
Hockey your slapping a black puck around.
The only thing we have is bowling, where you have a black ball trying to knock down a bunch of rednecks.

Funny Black Racist Joke 3
Black kids jump on their beds because they’ll stick to the Velcro on the ceiling.

Funny Black Racist Joke 4
A black guy and a Mexican guy opened a restaurant called Nacho Mama.

Funny Black Racist Joke 5
A black guy took over Toys R Us and renamed it to We B Toys.

Black People Jokes

Racist Black Jokes One Liners

Racist Black Jokes One Liner 1
New black French restaurant opening soon called Chez What.

Racist Black Jokes One Liner 2
I know a black man used my computer, it’s not there anymore!

Racist Black Jokes One Liner 3
The KKK bought the movie rights to Roots, they play it backwards so it has a happy ending.

Racist Black Jokes One Liner 4
Black girls know their mother is on the rag when their brothers dick tastes funny.

Racist Black Jokes One Liner 5
New improved Harlem transportation system for black people, we moved the trees closer together.

Funny Racist Black Jokes

Funny Racist Black Joke 1
Did you know break dancing was accidentally invented by black people while trying to steal the hub caps from a moving car.

Funny Racist Black Joke 2
Scientists confirm Adam and Eve weren’t black, no way you’d ever take a rib from a black person.

Funny Racist Black Joke 3
Is it murder to hide a black mans food stamps in his work boots?

Funny Racist Black Joke 4
How many blacks people does it take to clean a toilet? None, it’s a Mexican’s job.

Funny Racist Black Joke 5
It’s better to be born gay than black, because you don’t have to tell the world you are gay.

Extremely Racist Black Jokes

Extremely Racist Black Joke 1
Abraham Lincoln quote after his week long day drinking binge? I freed whom!

Extremely Racist Black Joke 2
Black women around the world thanked for crime prevention method that really works: abortion.

Extremely Racist Black Joke 3
Definition of a black man’s foreplay, don’t scream or I’ll kill you.

Extremely Racist Black Joke 4
The two most famous black women in history are Aunt Jemmima and Mutha Fucker.

Extremely Racist Black Joke 5
Did you know black people are so tall because their knee grows.

Dark Skin Jokes

Dark Skin Jokes 1
No wonder black people have dark skin.
They’re always getting grilled by the police.

Dark Skin Jokes 2
Police now use an iPhone app that scans irises to ID suspects.
It replaces their previous method: scanning for dark skin.

Dark Skin Jokes 3
It’s disgusting that people with dark skin are referred to as being ‘black’ or ‘paki’
I prefer to call them Caucasianally challenged

Dark Skin Jokes 4 XBOX Kinect has ‘trouble’ recognizing dark skin.
Ah, who’d have thought subliminal racism was still alive & well in America!

Dark Skin Jokes

Racist Jokes Black Humor

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