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0k i knOw this is nOt Going 2 sound good but here i go!!!!0k i really like this dude he is mexican n so am i..we were really kool friends nd then we started likinq eachother n he asked 4 a kiss so i qave it 2 him..then later he broke ma heart n then i was sad 4 hella long then i got over it n we became kool friends..then later on he tells me that he likes me n i like him to so then the next dayi couldnt wait to see him n i see him walking with a nother girl..he had a gf..i feltlike oh boy i did..then i got over it again n i still like him n he told me he likes me AGAIN omg this happens all the time..put he has s girl..what should i do??????????????

mexicans these day!!!!hahaha

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