What NOT to do when gambling in a casino

Casino Joke 01
Don’t ask casino security where the pinball machines are?

Casino Joke 02
Don’t butt into a private high stakes poker tournament game saying “mind if I join in?”

Casino Joke 03
Don’t ask the blackjack dealer if he knows any good card tricks?

Casino Joke 04
Don’t ask the casino cashier for change for the toilets condom machine?

Casino Joke 05
Don’t ask the croupier if you can use your lucky dice?

Casino Joke 06
Don’t ask the dealer about the odds on strip poker?

Casino Joke 07
Don’t ask the guy next to you if he can break a five?

Casino Joke 08
Don’t ask the Roulette guy if the French wheel was imported from France?

Casino Joke 09
Don’t ask where the play blackjack for fun tables are?

Casino Joke 10
Don’t bring your silver dollar yo-yo near the slot machines!

Casino Joke 11
Don’t call for a ball measurement after losing a roulette spin!

Casino Joke 12
Don’t complain to the pitboss about the dealer’s poker face!

Casino Joke 13
Don’t count cards with your fingers and toes!

Casino Joke 14
Don’t flip chips capriciously onto the poker table from 5 feet away and say “let it ride baby”!

Casino Joke 15
Don’t pretend you’re an IRS agent and talk into your sleeve!

Casino Joke 16
Don’t pull out your Hoyle’s rule book when the blackjack dealer says you can’t split an 8th time!

Casino Joke 17
Don’t put your dinner plate on the roulette table!

Casino Joke 18
Don’t say Episcopalian when the cashier asks you which denomination you prefer?

Casino Joke 19
Don’t stuff your pockets with big magnets and then play roulette!

Casino Joke 20
Don’t tip the casino security guard!

Casino Joke 21
Don’t try to psyche out the blackjack dealer by staring at him for 5 minutes.!

Casino Joke 22
If you lose at Blackjack, don’t say to the dealer, “okay, okay, double or nothing?”

Casino Joke 23
Never wink at the blackjack dealer, especially if he’s the same sex!

Casino Joke 24
When the dealer decides to stand, don’t say “I’m calling’ ya’ yellow’ mister”!

Casino Joke 25
Don’t attempt to buy poker chips using monopoly money!

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