Who doesn’t like to see a good faceplant :-)

Not aware of what a faceplant is, it’s when someone falls over and lands on their face.

AKA the face plant.

I’ve scoured Youtube (also known as typing FacePlant into Youtube search facility) and here’s what I found…

Hilarious FacePlant Videos

Face Plants YouTube Video

Long compilation of faceplants.

Face Plants 2 YouTube Video

Another long compilation of faceplants from the same person who created the faceplant video above.

Face Plant Forever!!! YouTube Video

2 minutes and 13 seconds of faceplants.

Worst Face Plant Ever YouTube Video

A single face shattering faceplant!

Mini Dozer Frontflip Faceplant YouTube Video

A lovely diving faceplant from a height!

Face Plants And Accidents YouTube Video

If you find an awesome YouTube funny faceplant clip please post it as a comment below. To have the video show as a comment please follow these instructions:

How to Embed a YouTube Video as a Comment

How to Embed a YouTube Video into WordPress via Smart YouTube Plugin

Visit YouTube https://www.youtube.com/supported_browsers?next_url=%2F

Find a relevant funny video.

On the right hand side you will find a box with a URL and embed link (see image to right).

Copy the text from the URL box.

Paste the URL link into your comment to give something like:


Add whatever other text you wish to add to your comment and press submit.

The software running the site will convert the link into the correct embeded YouTube video code format.

That’s it, your comment will show a Youtube video just like the ones above. I look forward to seeing your favorite funny faceplant videos.

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