A man was mowing his lawn when he heard his neighbor, who happened to be a dumb blonde, come out of her house.

She opened her mailbox, looked inside and slammed it shut. She stomped her foot and went back inside.

The man thought ”how weird.”

A few minutes passed and sure enough, the dumb blonde came out of her house again, checked her mail box, stamped her foot and went back inside.

The man stopped mowing and checked her mailbox to see what was so wrong with it. After seeing nothing, he went back to mowing just shrugging his shoulders.

As soon as he heard her coming out again, he shut off his mowing machine and went up to her. ”What in the world are you doing, coming out here every five minutes?”

The dumb blonde looked up at the man and said, ”Well, you see, there’s this little voice in my house that keeps on saying, ‘You’ve got mail,’ but when I come out here to check, I don’t have any.”

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