As the owner of this jokes website search engine optimization (SEO) is very important to traffic generation, I worked as an SEO consultant for around 10 years and know a lot about search engine optimization including a few funny SEO jokes.

Let’s have a laugh with some funny SEO jokes…

Funny SEO Jokes

SEO Jokes 1
What does an SEO and part-time chiropractor work on?
Your bad backlinks.

SEO Jokes 2
What deodorant do SEO consultants wear?

SEO Jokes 3
The biggest SEO problem with trampoline websites is the high user bounce rate!

SEO Jokes 4
A locksmith got in touch for an SEO quote for new Keyword research ideas.

SEO Jokes 5
What is a black hat SEOs favorite food?
SEO Jokes

SEO Expert Jokes

SEO Expert Jokes 1
Why are successful SEO experts angry on the drive to work??
Too much traffic!

SEO Expert Jokes 2
How many SEO experts does it take to change a lightbulb, bulb, lightbulbs, lighting, lights?

SEO Expert Jokes 3
Why do girls not date SEO experts?
They load too fast!

SEO Expert Jokes 4
What deodorant do SEO experts wear?

SEO Expert Jokes 5
What do you can an SEO expert who sells vans?
Danny SellAVan

Search Engine Jokes

Search Engine Jokes 1
At the latest search engine conference my hotel room number was 404.
I searched and searched, but could not find it!

Search Engine Jokes 2
Cost Per Click is the most cost effective form of advertising for a Chiropractor website.

Search Engine Jokes 3 have seen their websites search engine rankings really take off since working on their landing page.

Search Engine Jokes 4
Gatwick Airport received a Google penalty for having too many landing pages!

Search Engine Jokes 5
Why did the search engine penalize the twins website?
Duplicate content.

Google Panda SEO Jokes

Google Panda SEO Jokes 1
What do Pandas like to eat?
<meta name=”keywords” content=”Bamboo, Bamboo Leaves, Bamboo Foliage, Bamboo Shoots, Bamboo Stems, Bamboo Plant”>

Google Panda SEO Jokes 2
What do you get if you cross a Penguin and a Panda?
A Search Engine Ranking Problem!

Google Panda SEO Jokes 3
Do you know what too many Pandas in a cage is?
Panda stuffing!

Google Penguin SEO Jokes

Google Penguin SEO Jokes 1
How does Google decide which websites to hit hardest with the Penguin updates?
Flipper Coin!

Google Penguin SEO Jokes 2
What do the Penguins at Google use to catch their fish?
Link Bait!

Google Hummindbird SEO Jokes

Google Hummindbird SEO Jokes 1
A Google Hummindbird SEO Expert walks into a bar, bars, pub, public house, tavern…

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