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This is so sad. Fuck you whites (just the rasist ones) rosie pale old looking fools. Under minding black people is a big mistake I’m mean we our free (technically) tell ya what why don’t you use some of that money and get some cock surgery then your wife’s might stop committing adultery… don’t white woman love us?…they just can’t get enough of these niggas lol, I guess that’s why you white guys love fucking woman up the ass so much because you can’t reach. And who’s was taking about nigga queers hahaha your funny you white people where gay first even you know that.. I have nothing against gay people but it was never really apart of black culture untill the white people started. With your white peodophile priests, transexuals you guys started it all off clearly you guys have sexual issues…..It’s always white people killing your selfs you guys are weak mentally if you guys went thru the beautiful struggle you would have all kurt cobain’d yourselfs… so wierd… Anyway lets get to the facts you might have power(not human strength) and be slightly ….. Actually way ahead in terms of wealth.. Well done that’s very true indeed BUT!!! you have had erm let me see….500 years head start!!! Wow thats a long long time. The Chinese economy is gonna lap the United States of America in the next 5 to 10 maybe 20 years(made in china) and they worked for cheap!! So can you imagine 500 whole years of free work and hard labour I mean how long have we even had our rights for?… Not 500 years. So dont actually think you are better physically or mentally… Yes we our the best at Sports, Music, and Entertainment but hey!… with no rights what you gonna brush up your skills on and past them down in 500 years. So don’t get too excited piggys your just in a very good position….I tell u what little white men let’s enslave white people change there names rape there women (wouldnt really have to) switch us up and all the rest of the salvery stuff (check roots for more info) make them build up Africa for 500 long years and see what happends then after let’s make you fight for your rights to be in the country you help build. then say ‘your free niggas i mean crackers’ and expect us to be like cool with and expect peace and harmony. I’m not racsist I love white woman there great!!. But im serious you racsist white people have your head stuck so far up your ass thats why your talking all this shit…its beyond belief…And who said go back to Africa! I would go back to africa BUT on one condition… All the white people fuck off out of Africa first. And give back all the Oil, diamonds, gold, platinum, metals and minerals that you got for cheap and chuck in the queens stolen crown jewels and give  us 500 years pay and I’m gone i promise…..but lets face it that ain’t gonna happen ISIT. And crack cocaine good try C.I.A it was effective but damn it backfired didn’t it? but heh friendly fire Will be tolerated and America know all about that. Check 911 oh no that’s a conspiracy I could be wrong but didn’t America sell arms to Bid Laden! wow you ‘white people’ are clever but I’m straying off the point. Why are white people so mad??! you brought us here!!!! It’s not like we agreed for the slave trade, it just happed. like when I fuck these white girls. American is a nation united by War and murder(thanks giving) anyway so fuck you White patriots you make me sick and proud that I’m not just black but not you. You Just Got Lucky remember that racsist white boys before you run your little white lips. I could get deeper and roast you crackers all day and make crackling but i think that’s enough of wasting my time think I’m gonna phone up a white girl and get interracial, then have a bacon sandwich.

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