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have u ever notice when they said niggers is a waist of space if they were u should of left them in africa but then again when u can only find 1 video of a black gettn his ass kick it either shows a white ppl cant fight b ur sister u know the 1 u like 2 fuck and ur mother is a nigger lover or c u just find out that wifi just came 2 the trailor and instead of u being a fat waiste of space imbread u decided 2 take time out of ur day cause u have no job 2 look this shit up so congrats o obama is mix and mitt romney is a wetback i have a felling u vote 4 wetback and i know the elections r over but i have a feeling tht dish cant come 2 ur moms place since u cant get a job but just wanted 2 let u know …………………….ah fuck i bet u cant read this since u spent most of ur childhood wanting 2 b a nascar driver saying u want 2 go fast on ur john deer while ur grand father is having a 3 way with ur mom and ur grandmother but i hope u an actual education 2 read but what are the chances of tht u white piece of shit

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