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Nigger I get my pain pills at a pharmacy, after seeing a legitimate physician. My private insurance through my job pays for most of it. I make $865.00 per week so I don’t worry about paying for a thing. Obama care is going to almost double my premiums. I guess that’s what the skitskin in charge meant by spreading the wealth around. I can’t wait till we have a human president again. Niggers are the ones who deal and buy in the streets. A successful professional such as myself does things by the law, just like hero George Zimmerman.

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How many niggers does it take to shingle a roof?

Hell yeah, I’ll drink to that. The ventilation of a no goos nigger is never a bad thing. FUCK TRAYVON. May he burn in hell.ill …

White Trash Joke

Welcome to the bash fuzzy bill. Even with all the facts and stats there are, niggers just can’t admit they are worthless even though …

White Trash Joke

The only time its not okay to piss on a nigger is if its on fire!!! Niggers are the lowliest piece of shit animals in …

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