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Yea right dumb race, hell, shitslayer your don’t know how to spell. You are right, you are a real nigger. For your info dipshit, all humanoids walked on four feet until we evolved millions of years. The reason we became bipedal (that’s walking upward) was to see over the grass for predators. Another thing boot lip, have u ever heard of the Pangean continent? This is we’re continents shift over millions of years. Africa was not in its current location. The Chinese invented paper & ink. So, stop taking credit for other civilizations contributions to society. You try to make it sound like Africa is all that. Every fucking country run by a nigger is in dire straights including USA. Fuck, you stupid jiggs have over farmed, degradated your land, attacked & enslaved other niggers. The best thing ever happen to you and your Afrocentric ancestors was coming to America. If not, you would be much like Kunta Kinta. I mean Toby. Since u think u know so much history here’s one for you. Why are whites called crackers? Answer: because we cracked that whip across your back boy. So go surf the web & fine your nigger history and type it. You know your birdbrain ancestors were to dumb to escape. Thats why whites didn’t enslave Indians, because they were land efficient & not dumb like boot lips. By the way, do u have a fucking life? This whole website is full of your little tyrannical bullshit. Your not going to outwit me, I have an MBA. I didn’t get Affirmative Action. I had to actually do it. I got my B.S.B.A. then took the GMAT (I’m sure you don’t what that is) and then received a full academic scholarship at a prestigious university. I am smarter, better than you, and make a lot more income than you. In fact, my taxes goes to uneducated negros like your self. So go find a toilet and stick your head in it. I am so much further a head in life than you will ever be and I have been to Africa because I was an officer in the military. Believe Me, Africans hate black Americans. They think coloreds in America are lazy, stupid, and always wanting a handout. So give it up, it’s over. Go out & achieve something on your own, like getting an education or buying a home. Stop using the race card because the shit is old. A lot of fucking white people gave up their life so you jiggs could have your freedom. 600,000 died in the civil war. I understand blacks have had it tough in the past, but so has every other culture like Irish & Jews. So again, move forward. If not your at a dead end & you will be living in government housing forever while texting on your little Obama phones.

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White People Joke

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White People Joke

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White People Joke

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