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What is a decree? Self employed? Selling drugs, that what u call a job? Go blow it out your ass. I bet you take your vehicle to whitey mighty to work on, don’t you? I don’t need to use spell check because I have a MBA. I was in a hole in Iraq with 50 caliber bullets incoming at us. My black comrades are nothing like you. Your are a stupid boot lip Internet gangster. I know you are uneducated for two reasons: 1) don’t have a decree (I think you mean degree) 2) can get affirmative action/preferential treatment in college, but your to to to to stupid to even do that. Just a typical dumb nigger bitch ( I figured it out your a women posing as a dude) with dumb DNA. Don’t be upset you still got Obama, you can still get handouts.

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White People Joke

Well at least white girls don’t wear horse hair wigs due to bad hair genes. Your probably a bald headed hoe. You know talk us …

White People Joke

Yea right dumb race, hell, shitslayer your don’t know how to spell. You are right, you are a real nigger. For your info dipshit, all …

White People Joke

Yea dummy, not everyone from Africa is black. Egyptians have been reading & writing thousands of years. So what happen? Jiggs can’t talk or …

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White Trash Joke

I rather be a Honkey than a big lip nigger monkey …

White Trash Joke

Well yea, my dick got limp after I busted a nut on your mamas face for a 3 piece chicken dinner. The best $7.99 I …

Nigger and a gun joke

What is missable? Every time you blog you show your ignorance. By the way Honkey= plantation owner, Nigger= house / field worker. …

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