Comment on White People Jokes by Waylon Daigneault.

maaan racism pisses me off this comes from a decent white man and i hope a racist motha fucker reply’s 2 this so i can verbaly abuse him and if he lives near me physicaly abuse him the fuckers
hahahahaha not saying racist jokes arnt funny but fuck leave it as a joke do get all fucking literal
plus i just like beating the shit outa people so please leave negative feedback so i can fuck u up

what do you call a white chik with yeast infection?
Crackers with cheese

What do you call a bunch of white guys sitting on a bench?

A man goes into a shop and sees 3 jars on a table.
The first jar says Caucasian Brains, $5.00 a pint.
The second says Asian Brains $10.00 a pint, and the
third says Nigga Brains $100.00 a pint.
Hey why are these nigga brains $100 bucks a pint?
asked the man.The shop owner replied You know how
many niggas you have to kill to get a whole pint of

There is this rich Texas rancher who has a 100 meter
long swimming pool with a shark in it. He has always
said if anyone could swim from one end to the other
without being eaten he would give them either his
daughter or his ranch. Well his beautiful daughter
had gone off to art school in New York and brought
a nigga classmate home to one of her Dad’s big
barbeques. Of course, everyone is talking about how
fucked up it is that the ranchers daughter brought a
nigga there when all of a sudden there was a huge
splash. Everyone looked and it was the nigga swimming
his black ass off with the shark hot on his trail.
At the other end of the pool the nigga threw himself
out of the water and lay gasping and panting on the
ground. The rancher came up and said Well shit. I am a man of my word so do you want my ranch or my daughter?
The nigga said Neither I just want to know who pushed me into the pool

What do you call 9 mexicans in front of your house?
A spicket fence

Why do mexicans have re-fried beans?
Have you ever heard of a mexican doing anything right the first time?

Why dont mexicans play hide and seek?
Because no one will look for them

Why did the Jews wander in the desert for 40 years?
Because one of them lost a quarter

Why do white folks shop at nigger yard sales?
To get all their stuff back

Why do white folks shop at nigger yard sales?
To get all their stuff back

haha racist jokes r hilarious even the white ones

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Yea dude i kill in public but its u that imna kill u racist fuck damn man u better watch out u dick tasting dictator …

What do you call a nigger joke

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