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U know what so what if mexicans r hatin or if white people are making fun of mexicans. They r not trying to be like u fricken mexicans they r just messing around with u guys. I’m not Mexican or Asian or Frickin coccasian I’m mixed half white half black and I DON’T GIVE A BIG FUCK of what u fucking assholes have to say about oh im a Mexican and white people r wanna be mexicans. Or oh I’m a Mexican and I like beating the shot out of people when they make fun if me. OH BIG FUCKING DEAL IT’S LIFE SO SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT HOW MEXICANS ARE BETTER THAN WHITE PEOPLE SO STOP FUCKING CARING ABOUT YOURSELF AND MAN THE FUCK UP AND QUIT BEING BITCHES CAUSE BITCHES BE TRIPIN THAT’S YOU SO quit acting all tough and shit and stop acting like Mexico is better because u know why they make jokes about mexicans jumping boarders is because try want to be in America ( go America) brcause u may not know but American is free because of the people in so shut the fuck up and thi bullshit and other shit because it’s like and everyone who doesn’t fucking agree with this shit is trippin over stupid FUCKING SHIT DUMBASS this is my side of the fucking life deal with it. ( fucking bastards)

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