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your mom is so fat she ate the rest of the joke

Your mom is so fat that she can’t fit in this joke.

Your mom is so fat, even all dark matter from space is falling into her right now.

Your mom is so fat, she is standing on Marianas Trench, which is the reason why it’s the lowest point on Earth.

Your mom is so fat, she uses the asteroid belt to slice her foods.

Your mom is so fat, the Hubble telescope took a picture of her not on Earth but on the opposite point of the universe.

Your mom is so fat, the NASA ordered her to clean up the satellite junks floating above.

Your mom is so fat, when all the planets got aligned, she played hopscotch on them, starting from the sun.

Your mom so fat when she got on the scale the doctor looked at the number and said “That’s my phone number.”

your mom so fat when she she turns around its her birthday

Your mom’s so fat that she called a group of scientists to calculate the amount of chins she has.

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