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Yo momma so fat she sweats cooking oil

Yo momma’s so fat, she’s got more chins than a Hong Kong phonebook

Yo Momma’s so huge, she looked at the Empire State Building, and said, “Hey look! A Barbie Dream House!”

Yo momma, so fat that everytime she takes a step the Earth’s orbit changes

Yo mommas so fat she uses a whole stick of deodorant on half an armpit.

yo mommas so fat that when she walks around the house she walks “around” the house

Yo mommas so fat when she died and went to heaven Jesus said there was no room so then she went to hell and the devil said HELL NO.

Yo mommas so fat when she goes to the beach people ask her is she wearing bottoms!

yo mommas so fat when she sat down she caused an eathquake on the OTHER side of the WORLD!

Yo mommas so fat when she sat in the tub it sang bubble bubble abc get your big a$$ out of me.

Yo mum so fat that I walked around her twice and got lost!

Yo mummy is so fat, when she steps on Wolverine…. Even he can’t heal himself!

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