Comment on YOUR MAMA IS TO FAT IPOD JOKE by phyllis.

yo mamas so fat that she went to the circus and when she walked a little boy said, look mama its the elephant!

Yo mamma’s ass is so fat when she sits down she’s three feet taller

Yo mamma’s so fat when people are looking for a moonbounce they call her!

yo mamma’s so fat when she wading in the atlantic ocean, people could get to New York from London without having to pay

Yo Mamma’s So Fat, When God Said Let There Bel Light, He Asked Her To Move Out Of The Way.

yo mammas so fat people can use her belly button as a swimming pool

yo mammas so fat when she sat on the floor she went to the basement

yo mammas so fat when she went to “In ‘n’ Out” she couldn’t get in or out

Yo mammas so fat, she went to Syria and farted…. and Barack Obama almost bombed the country for having weapons of mass destruction.

yo mom is so fat all i hear when she walks by is heffty heffty heffty

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