Comment on YOUR MAMA IS TO FAT IPOD JOKE by ivan young.

yo mama so fat when she went to the bathroom the toilet started singing A B C D E F G get your fat ass off of me

Yo mama so fat her neck looks like a pair of hot dogs!

Yo mama so fat her nipples touch on her back

Yo mama so fat her nose and her butt are in different time zones.

yo mama so fat her shirt size is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL

Yo mama so fat her shits are as long as king kongs finger

yo mama so fat her stretch-marks got stretch-marks!

Yo mama so fat her stretch marks spell out “big bitch”

Yo mama so fat I use her as a queen size mattress and she doesn’t even know it

Yo mama so fat if she go skydiving up in the Northeast there’d be 6 Great lakes.

Yo mama so fat if she had a porn name it would be Krispy Kreme.

yo mama so fat if you had a dollar for every pound she weighed you could pay down the national debt.

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